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    All "Sets" for armor are dropped as individual pieces. $10 Donator Scrolls Misc. Colored Staff of Light Sparta Set Purgatory Set Energy Sword Rainbow Whip American Whip Carved Set Misc. Third Age Misc. Colored Robin Hat Abyssal Whip Gnome Scarf Black Partyhat Ring of Wealth Mystery Box Legendary Mystery Box $10 Donation Scroll $25 Donation Scroll American Pernix Cowl American Whip American Torva Set Ancient Axes Energy Sword Egyptian Sword G Shadow Bow Siesmic Staff Frost Wings Frost Spirit Shield Special Wings Rainbow Ghostly Swords Ragefire/Glaiven/Steadfasts Pink Top Hat Bling Chain Illumination Set Sky Torva Set Sky Torva boots and gloves Colourful Set White Wings Seismic Staff Purple Dimension Bow Rainbow Bow Limey Bow Shadow Brutal Whip Icy Katana American Torva Whip Energy Sword Bloodshot Camo Whip Golden Minigun Sick Af Maul xd Rainbow Spirit Shield Collector Necklace Rainbow Scarf Suic Minigun Frost Minigun Golden Minigun Royal Blade One Set Metalic Set Illumination Set Colourful Set Quest Cape White Wings Collector Necklace Google Chrome sword Purple Dimension Bow Rainbow Bow Limey Bow Seismic Staff Icy Katana Bloodshot Camo Whip Shadow Brutal Whip Rainbow Scarf Rainbow Spirit Shield Sick Af Maul xd Thanks for the help making this list Zpker and Four Play. If you get any reward that is not on the list pm Chaosworld and i will add it.