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    Gambling Rules for each game Ive posted this so that everyone on the server can play off the same set of rules so there is no confusion about the rules, as people play different version of the Flower Poker game or other games ALWAYS USE A MM FROM DISCORD AND MAKE A VIDEO/SCREEN SHOT = NO REFUND ONLY OFFICIAL MM FROM DISCORD OR STAFF IF YOU ARE SCAMMED WHEN NOT USING MM THERE WILL BE NO REFUND AT ALL Flower Poker Once you have got your opponent, and you both have agreed to the amount being gambled , use a MM (Middle Man) to hold the items and begin planting Flower Rankings of Winning Five of a Kind Four of a kind Full House Three of a Kind (oak) 2 Pair Pair No pair/Bust Black OR White is a Re plant for Both Players Full Line (5 Plants) Dicing Rules 55x2 dicing is The normal version on the server: First you trade the MM your bet For example 2B Then the Dicer will Roll the Dice If the Roll is over 55 then you win your bet X2 , Example 2b = 4b However if you roll Under 55 The Host Wins , If you roll a 55 it is a Re-roll If anyone wants the Rules Of Any More Gambling Game , Pm or comment the name of the game GAMBLE AT YOUR OWN RISK AND REMEMBER NO MM AND SCREEN SHOT/FOOTAGE = NO REFUND