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    what do you mean?
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    Placebo affect
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    +1 Slayer alone is decent but the dk task just ruins everything as they have such a slow respawn timer. I'm not sure about being able to skip floor 1 and 2 in keyroom. It seems a bit too op.
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    As the title say's post Pictures of your guys set ups for Gaming. Yes i know my desk and shelf is a mess lol. And i run two Mouses and have two Keyboards lol. Here is mine.
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    In game name -a Mattie Kills Time zone - EST Hours spent playing daily/weekly - 15-24 hrs DAILY Total hours played - 3-5 weeks What do you do outside of FrimbScape? - I watch youtube / play more rsps Experience as staff on past servers/games? - yes things such as CSGO clan's with 50k+ people Why should you be considered? (How do you impact this community) - I Really wanna help out the community
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    Since there isn't a suggestion thread I will start it here I guess. Make cannons impossible to place at ::Starterzone/::boxzone/::event etc. Rule #15 No cannon at starter-zone/box-zone/::event As a new player I had no idea about this rule. nothing prompted/suggested/made me look at rules. so I was oblivious to this rule. also '::rules' brings up some rando thread titled "eyy". nothing about rules. Make donor items (overloads) untradable. both of these rules seem like entrapment. Rule #19/20 19. Selling donor items such as overloads is not allowed. 20. Rule bending is illegal, example (I did not sell him overload's i gave him them because selling them is illegal) My suggestions Thanks
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    Adding some music to the game, such as Newbie Melody..
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    You got lucky. People shouldn't expect to get gmg under 100kc... the drop rate is 1/1000 after all.
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    I know you are working on a lot right now and you are greatly appreciated never forget that man. When you get some free time maybe try to think of some better rewards to throw in the trivia shop as most are earned from boxes that are common. Something in there should be unique most likely a cosmetic set but yeah just an idea πŸ™‚
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    New minigame, more solo bosses, upgradable items.
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    Nice setup! πŸ˜ƒ Like that green! :3
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    Hello Frimbscape community, Today I am introducing the Clan Chat that will best serve gambling at the Clan Wars Casino. To join this CC simply join β€œtad” in game. Following the server rules the only trusted players to hold bets will be Middlman (MM). These players will hold the rank of general in the CC and can be confirmed legit in the discord channel. If you are scammed, it will be the same as server rules. CONTACT A STAFF MEMBER. You will not be able to purchase ranks in this CC. There will be multiple games that you can play and the rules for each will be as follows: 1. Flower Poker - in order from Greatest to least. A. 5 of a kind B. 4 of a kind C. Full house D. 3 of a kind E.2 pair F. 1 pair G. No pair 2. Hot or Cold A. Hot flowers- red, yellow, orange B. Cold flowers- blue, purple, assorted (purple,light purple, light blue) C. All other flowers ( black, white, and mixed(red,yellow, blue) ) are considered a replant. 3. 55x2 This game will be hosted by a rank in the CC. You will play the host. In the CC if you play this versus a non ranked member, there will be no payout from the clan. To earn a rank in this CC you must be active at the Clan Wars Casino. The only ranks that can be earned are the ones below General. (MM will be ranked general). Feel free to PM me in game (tad) or on discord (the joqur). -The Gambler
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    Hey guys, just making a post about mystery boxes and what you can expect from 2,000 of them. This will be done on a regular donator account. Heres there 2,000 Mboxes Well, let's get into this: So here it is. The notable drops are the 6 $5 scrolls (I got really lucky to get 6), 32 dragonkin lamps, 29 legendary boxes, 3 rare packages, 24 party hats and 13 Halloween mask. So I guess this is what you can expect from 2,000 mystery boxes but probably will get less $ scrolls. What should I do next? Leave a comment if I choose your idea you'll win a $5 scroll! Thanks for reading this and hope you learned something.
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    Slayer If possible, add ability to block tasks for points. Decrease frequency of dagganoth king tasks. They happen way too often, and the respawn time makes tasks unreasonable long. Add more custom bosses, and increase frequency. Add adjustable task lengths, so that more kills = more points. Keyroom Some of these are kind of related, so I obviously wouldn't expect them all to be implemented. Add an NPC/feature that allows you to skip kills on floors 1/2 in exchange for bags. I think players would happily pay a reasonable amount for that. If possible, make it so that logging/dcing doesn't reset you. It's ridiculous that you have to grind for hours straight just to get to floor 3 for a slim chance at good loot. Make keys stack. Make it so that clicking on the chest itself uses keys. The process is too tedious, especially on floor 3 where the dragons walk over the chest. I hope this isn't interpreted as anything negative. Just suggestions that I think will make the server even better. πŸ™‚
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    very nice bro nice indeed jackpot with those scrolls πŸ˜„
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    Yoo.since i was bored i've recolored primordial boots.Frimbscape use same models and normal ones i've decided to offfer model for free.Take a look. @Frimb
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    honestly we should just remove the cannons they do not add appreciable dps and most of the slayer tasks have only 1-3 mobs anyway
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    I'm just curious to see what type of bosses, weapons, armor would players like to see added into the server, whether it's custom or not:) let me know below what you all want:D
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    looks good bro, nice work!
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    Nixon /uber rank needed on forum