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  1. Taqo - Good Admin , always willing to help others and very active Gold Kahos - Never accutally seen ingame or ever to be honest Chaosworld - Best Staff Ingame , very active , and always willing to help all players Personality - Had a few Issues with but we spoke threw them , Dont agree with some things but he has his own reasons behind his actions Tad - I understand tad situation with work , however he is still a very good Mod and is online as much as he can be Fredo - Havent seen active for the past week, on discord or Ingame Dunder - Ingame alot , but not very active in community , has been getting more involved recentally though Spoonman - I dont know if its the timezone difference but ive only seen active 2-3 times a week , Not very active in community or help cc Collector - Cannot comment on myself Civil Rain - Very active , has done alot for the server in the small time he been staff, very active and always helping in CC Herpex - Never actually seen ingame or on the forums , so i dont really know
  2. I Will join and Oak u all 😉
  3. Vouch good member of the community very active and helpful
  4. How To Achieve Maximum XP From Lamps Recentally ive been asked how to Achieve maximum xp from lamps This is the Way to do to it . 1). 2xp weekend on friday to sunday 2). 3xp From the 200 taxbags at Home 3). 30% Xp From the Well At ::Edge (20 taxbags) 4). finally 30% From the Vote Scroll (Only Ten minutes per Scroll) Doing this Will get you 4.3m Xp per Dragonkin Lamp, So to get 1b Xp in a Skill from 0xp will take you 233 Lamps
  5. Welcome hope you enjoy your time here 😛
  6. Fredo doesnt gamble anymore he did a couple but has stopped it now
  7. Im am the same as Personality to be honest , you are an active member however ive seen you spend alot of time in gamble, you do help the cc and answer alot of new players question and are helpful however as person said only post application I remain Neurtal
  8. Coll

    Buying All Pets

    Yo Guys im buying all type of normal pets (1-400) , Boss pets (1-1000), Skilling pets, DR (drop rate) Pets And RARE Pets I will List all The Pets Below and the ones i already have to there is no confusion The Prices are what im willing to pay not what they are worth on the server [ ] = Dont Have [x] = I already Have Prices are 2b-10b for Normal Pets 10-20b for Boss Pets 80-100b Skilling Pets What the Price Guide says for Dr Pets 1T+ for Rare Pets Normal Pets Baby Blue Dragon [x] Black Dragon [x] Blue Dragon [x] Frost Dragon [x] Green Dragon [ ] Ice Strykewyrm [x] Desert strykewyrm [x] Jungle Strykewyrm [x] TzTok-Jad [x] Boss Pets Bandos Avatar [ ] Chaos Element [x] Commander Zilyana [x] Corpreal Beast [x] Dagganoth Prime [x] Dagganoth Rex [x] Dagganoth Supreme [x] General Graador [x] Hulk [x] King Black Dragon [x] Kree'arra [x] K'ril Tsutsuroth [x] Kalphite Queen [ ] Mini Wrencher [x] Nex [ ] Pheonix [x] Slash Bash [x] Tormented Demon [x] Skilling Pets Farming pet [x] Fishing pet [ ] Mining pet [ ] Runecrafting pet [ ] Woodcutting pet [x] Agility pet [x] Drop rate pets Frimbs Hound [x] Frimbs spider [ ] Heartwrencher [x] Infernal Beast [ ] Shaman Defenders [x] Rare Pets Suics Pet [ ] Frimbs pet [x] If there is any Pet Not listed on here please comment so i can Add it on to here
  9. just to say from a non staff point of view bro your a really nice guy, always willing to help out , but id play the server abit more and get a good knowledge base of the server first , then once you have a good experience for the server i would recommend applying bro , But im not a staff so Good Luck
  10. Your IP Banned and Appling for staff ? Wtf
  11. Gambling Rules for each game Ive posted this so that everyone on the server can play off the same set of rules so there is no confusion about the rules, as people play different version of the Flower Poker game or other games ALWAYS USE A MM FROM DISCORD AND MAKE A VIDEO/SCREEN SHOT = NO REFUND ONLY OFFICIAL MM FROM DISCORD OR STAFF IF YOU ARE SCAMMED WHEN NOT USING MM THERE WILL BE NO REFUND AT ALL Flower Poker Once you have got your opponent, and you both have agreed to the amount being gambled , use a MM (Middle Man) to hold the items and begin planting Flower Rankings of Winning Five of a Kind Four of a kind Full House Three of a Kind (oak) 2 Pair Pair No pair/Bust Black OR White is a Re plant for Both Players Full Line (5 Plants) Dicing Rules 55x2 dicing is The normal version on the server: First you trade the MM your bet For example 2B Then the Dicer will Roll the Dice If the Roll is over 55 then you win your bet X2 , Example 2b = 4b However if you roll Under 55 The Host Wins , If you roll a 55 it is a Re-roll If anyone wants the Rules Of Any More Gambling Game , Pm or comment the name of the game GAMBLE AT YOUR OWN RISK AND REMEMBER NO MM AND SCREEN SHOT/FOOTAGE = NO REFUND
  12. Coll

    Trivia Guide

    Trivia Guide Mainly for the new players who do not know how to answer or any of the answers To answer any of the trivia question this Command Must me typed in ::answer For example I'll list all the questions down below with the correct answer on there Trivia Questions Question Answers What rank has a silver crown on Runescape? Moderator What rank has a golden crown on Runescape? Administrator What is the max exp. in a skill? 1b How much exp. do you need for level 99? 13M How much exp. do you need for Dungeonering level 120 on Runescape? 104M What is the largest state in the U.S.A? Alaska What city is the most populated city on earth? Tokyo What is the biggest manmade structure on earth? The Great Wall What is the strongest prayer on Runescape? Turmoil What Herblore level is required to make overloads on Runescape? 96 What attack level is required to wear Chaotic Melee weapons? 80 How many bones are there in an adult human body? 206 What is the deadliest insect on the planet? Mosquito What is the square root of 12 to the power of 2? 12 What is the color of a 10M money stack? Green What combat level is the almighty Jad? 702 What is the best Dungeonering armour? Primal How many brothers are there originally in Runescape? 6 Varrock is the capital of which kingdom? Misthalin What has four legs but can't walk? A table Which NPC is wearing a 2H-Sword and a Dragon SQ Shield? Vannaka What is the baby spider called? Spiderling In what year did it snow in the Sahara Desert? 1979 The more you take, the more you leave, who am I? Footsteps What do you receive when a fire disappears? Ashes What is the name of the new firecape (RS3)? TokHaar-Kal What is the name of the new firecape (OSRS)? Infernal Cape Which NPC Wields a 2 Handed sword and a Dragon Square Shield in the other hand? Vannaka Which food gives this message: You eat the blank. Yuck! It heals some health anyway.? Cabbage How long does it take for an item to disappear if you drop it? (in seconds) 120 How much Constitution does a Pumpkin heal (RS3)? 140 How many Barrows Brothers are there? 6 What color of logs do you get if you use a blue firelighter on a log? Blue What ammo does the Crystal Bow use? None What level must you be to smith a Steel Scimitar? 35 Which area of the game is notorious for players dying within it, then complain about? Wilderness What level do you need to be to farm watermelon? 47 At what level can you purchase a skill cape at? 99 Of these, which requires the highest level to catch? Lobster, Herring, Salmon, Swordfish, Swordfish Who is the last boss in Recipe for Disaster? Culinaromancer Who is the owner of Frimbscape? Frimb Which skill does ranging go with most? Fletching How many bars do you need to make a platebody? 5 Trivia Anagrams Pls Say Frimbscape Frimbscape Say Noob123 Noob123 Lod is Owenam Wise old Man shan Hans Bail Trims Brimstail Arc O Line Caroline A Zen She Zenesha Ace Match Elm Cam the camel Big thanks to Chaosworld for Helping me Make this Guys If there is anything else to add , Pm me on Discord Happy Trivia Time
  13. Coll

    In Game Name Change?

    thanks for the reply
  14. Im wondering if its possible to get my ign change ive asked Taqo and other support staff but they not 100% sure please can you let me know if it is possible and if i am allowed to have mine change please Kind regard Collector
  15. Whats Happening guys Im Collector , ive being playing Rsps for the past 5 years and join a couple of days ago i heard about the server because of VortexPS as the talks of a merge which happened today 😛 Feel free to pm me ingame or on here if you need out or wanna Chat Peace