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  1. Download java the newest one .jar files are easy to get and run
  2. Kanna

    key room

    It's been suggested multiple times and turned down every time suic will not change it and I quote high risk high reward at the end of the day but this topic is being locked since it's been shot down 10+ times by suic and frimb
  3. The username could have been taken try a different username if your still having problems pm suic or from on discord
  4. Kanna


    Pm frimb or suic on discord
  5. Suggestion thread Leave your suggestion on what would you like to see added to the game or fixed 1.) make slayer helm useful give color slayer helm drop rate bonus black 10% red 15% green 20% purple 60% 2.) fix loyalty shop and slayer to give custombosses ex frimbshound and as task
  6. In-game name: Kanna Timezone Mst time played:https://gyazo.com/c696886f365d9d3bf14c7c31938fd48c Position applied for global mod why i think i would be a great addition as global mod is im active on the forums 24/7 and on more then 90% of the staff team and i help out when i can*not hating on our staff team* i help out where i can and as much a i can when i am on and when i am not on im on the forums fixing things or making new guides etc
  7. Kanna

    Update 10/05/18

    Quick update New achievement added "Lucky Upgrade" You can do the achievement by using the "First option" - Upgrade 100 tax bags for lucky upgrade or w.e on the "Item upgrader" Chance is 17% to success the rewards are pretty good from the achievement. [Any1 caught doing it with multiple accs, will be perm banned]
  8. I'm normally on but not ranked gg
  9. Kanna

    Update 10/03/18

    Small update 1. Added a new upgrade option to the item upgrader ( gg its cash now = not item upgrader anymore confirmed kappa smile ) 2. Added stats to darth items 3. Fixed abbadon drop rates 4. Added a special item [ Itll announce as special if some1 gets it to abbadon ] 5. Added 4 new items to event store - check them out ( by new i mean they were already ingame before but ye ) - they will be there untill next update or so.
  10. Kanna

    scroll scammed

    It's a bug at if you lag out you lose it just pm frimb when he gets out I don't know if you'll get a new but with frimb you never know. Locking this topic
  11. Missing time played incomplete atm