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  1. Even though mines more indepth kappa
  2. Kanna

    Link account please

    And sadly I can't cause gg forums bug 🙂
  3. Well I love you and take care of yourself forums aren't going anywhere ❤️
  4. I'll put it blunt irl issues and osrs got me can't play frimbscape mobile so osrs it is cause I been busy with irl issues I'll be back as soon as possible
  5. If you don't mind putting in more on why you should be considered ty ❤️
  6. Kanna

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    Welcome feel free to pm when ever I'm ingame
  7. Ngl I 100 percent agree I would love to see the store revamped remove drop rate items from the store rainbow mini gun give us drop rate gear to obtain in game like for new player a drop rate set of 30% and every 1k kills 10% make the bis drop rate not saying paper sack one cape none of that bs give us drop rate gear with stats I understand there's bills but 1 1k for a drop that's not guaranteedputs of new players and players who played awhile give Iron man mode a drop rate bonus since there by them self of 20% everyone plays normal except maybe 1 or 2 iron but we all know that one other person who's iron is 99% drop trading scrolls to there main please just do something about the drop rate or our player base won't rise cause people lose the will to grind for hrs for something they may or may not get cause 1:1k for mid level gear like am pernix and range is the most dominant in the game I want a verity of range weps like blow pipe magic weps gear melee like for starters ice kat a starter boss that drops Dr bonus gear give the player base something new like penguins make abby demons a starter monster for gear for players give us something new new items
  8. Keep it up mate dont go to crazy thou 😉
  9. Kanna


    No worries mate we understand we will see you when you come back in the game best of luck on real life moving is a bitch we all know that
  10. It's a example but a short story ree