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  1. 1. Staff can not lend items to other players. 2. No player killing with custom items. 3. Keep help cc clean, No political racist or religious comments. 4. No staff impersonation. 5. No multi account pvm., not even at different boss. You may have 1 Ironman on aswell as 1 Normal player account at different bosses. You may bring 1 Ironman and 1 Normal player account to ::eventboss. 6. No R.W.T in any way shape or form. 7. No trading items to or from an Ironman. 8. No advertising other servers. 9. Do not spam Suic or Frimb, especially calling them on discord, you'll be instantly blocked. 10. No safe spotting any pvm bosses or monsters. 11. No pkp farming. 12. No refunding donations. 13. No achievement farming. 14. No evading staff/rules. 15. No cannon at ANY multi combat areas. ::Starterzone ::boxzone ::unicorn ::event ::defilers Ect. 16. No asking staff to view your application. 17. No gambling talk in ::yell or in help CC. Join cc "Gamble" in order to talk about gambling. 18. No harassment of any kind Sexual harassment will result in instant punishment. 19. Selling donor items such as overloads is not allowed. 20. Rule bending is illegal Example: "I did not sell him overload's i gave him them because selling them is illegal". 21. Buying/selling/sharing account is illegal. 22. No vote manipulation Example: VPN voting. 23. No using 3rd party programs of any kind. Such as: Botting, Scripting, Macroing, Auto clicking, Auto typing. 24. NO ITEM BEGGING IN CC/YELL OR SPAMMING PLAYERS PRIVATE MESSAGE'S. 25. Staff member cant play other RSPS 26. Gambling for some 1 (planting or rolling) with less than 20H is not allowed. Stolen by Civil Rain
  2. Please use the following template for all appeals. Thanks In game name : What type of punishment were you given? (Mute/ban/ip-ban) : Who gave this punishment (if known) : Reason for this punishment? : Why should you be unbanned/un-muted? :