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  1. Don't follow the links that're being spammed onto our forums. Since theres a lack of moderation here there's nobody to lock the posts and or delete them. But on that note keep your info safe don't follow links from forums unless you trust the person or it's from our own staff team ❤️ Reminder to actively change your passwords to prevent your acc getting stolen. And of course don't use the passwords you've used on prior servers most are corrupt bastards who'll save the char files and use them to gain access to your acc on other servers because most people are silly enough to use the same password.
  2. Being any form of staff on any minecraft server is anurism inducing. It makes staffing any rsps community glorious LOL
  3. @Demi I'd make sure you show the forums some loving as well that won't hurt your chances at a position I'm sure 😉
  4. Herpex

    Can't Login?

    @smokvapez Delete cache, redownload. Or join the discord and scroll in the general chat and look for the frimbscape v2 download or w.e its named ❤️
  5. Herpex

    Cheshur Showcase:

    @Cheshur Some pretty nice work man, You have a very unique style and i love it. Also welcome to FrimbScape brotha
  6. Herpex

    Can't Login?

    @Connor Id make sure you have the latest java, Join our discord and @ me on here i have the same username and I'll make sure you're able to play our server.
  7. Herpex

    Hey all

    @Superbia Welcome to the community lad be sure to join the ::discord too! Hopefully when I return you'll still be here. Also check out the guide i made for a quick rundown on what to do as a starter :)
  8. @Kanna Don't you worry babes I'll always view the forums and discord ❤️ I'm always a message away but this was once again basically just a temporary resignation from my usual activity in game due to the fact i got my new job and well with what my boi @Suic said by somethings yes I was meaning people but of course that's not all of it. But once there's an accurate price guide that's agreed on by everybody I will surely not be playing actively because the toxicity that's based around price disagreements is quite insane. No matter what though i still love you all and am only a msg away on discord ❤️
  9. Don't see making a farewell post listed anywhere in the rules mate. Even if so I'm still going to check forums here and there see what's up with the server now and then, This is more so just for the people that i didn't get to message when i decided this know how to get a hold of me if they'd like to. But @Kanna maybe you should acknowledge yourself with the rules before trying to enforce them.
  10. Hey guys Herpex here, anyways the time has come I've decided to gamble until cleaned and gave some good people I've gotten along with just a little something to get them on their feet. But anyways I'm not gonna be that kid who makes a post bashing everyone. There's certain things I absolutely loved about FrimbScape and still do but at the same time there's things that drive me away as well. But with that being said, Farewell you lovely bastard ❤️ to those of you that want to add me on discord or league of legends NA @ Slav King Boris same name on discord as it is here in the Frimbscape discord, but Maybe I'll return here and there. And to the newer players I didn't get the chance to make with my time here Welcome and enjoy your time on FrimbScape, to the others who I have met and chatted with at masses or wherever it may have been Thank ya'll for making my time here on FrimbScape a great one I love you guys :) ❤️ Herpex out.
  11. Herpex

    problems logging in

    You Don't need a forums account to have your ingame account mate, i played 3 days ingame before i made my forums acc. Somebody has that name already ❤️
  12. Okay so first off welcome to FrimbScape! **IF YOU HAVENT VOTED YET DO SO! That scroll can sell for 20-40b depending on demand of them at the time ingame, And if you do that go buy yourself a pernix set with either a minigun or shadow bow and skip this paragraph** So what you're going to want to do is go to ::starterzone ingame and kill those wolves. You may be thinking that you cant from a level 3 but yes, yes you can. I found the most efficient way of killing them was with the short bow you're given in your starter package using long range and watch some rick and morty or whatever you want to do for a few minutes while you're fighting said wolf. Now you're probably wondering what to do with those strange tokens, well that NPC at ::starterzone has the shop for them! You'll want to buy yourself a noob godsword (Its a 1 handed wep with better stats than whip and slightly faster aswell) Now you're probably thinking 425 tokens is a lot, but really it's easy to get given the Easy-Medium achievements give the tokens too. Now that you've got your weapon go to ::dzone and kill the NPC's there for bulk noted bones, Once you've gotten a comfy prayer level or 99 if that's your desire go west of home and use them on the altar there. Now go ::home and look for Explorer Jack and buy the dwarf-cannon set from him and then go to ::event with the cannon and your noobgs, So the item you're looking for here are the ecto-tokens and they're used with Santa to get some nice custom weaponry. I'd get the Minigun first and then aim for the Rainbow Bow. Hard achievements also give ecto-tokens! Phase 2: So now you're no longer a pleb and can make racks, Either way go back ::home grab yourself 4 ranging potions and 8-12 super restores and head out to ::keyroom this little minigame is one of the best moneymakers in game IMO, Theres 3 floors and you can progress by using the little white portal you see next to that chest. If you stukk only have a minigun dont go past floor 1 yet because on the 2nd floor its not efficient at all killing them with a regular minigun. So from the npcs on the 1st floor the only items you're really wanting to keep are the various boxes and cash you recieve when you open the chest with the keys that are dropped. Each key can be used on the chest for 150m cash or a chance at the mboxes, If u dont get 1 of those 2 items i'd personally drop it. *THIS MINIGAME IS INSTANCED AND KC BASED, If You teleport out you'll have to restart from 1st floor with 0 KC* Floor 2: Same thing as Floor 1 but now you'll need a KC of 250 to proceed and these guys are a lot bulkier but now each key is giving 250m cash 😄 Floor 3: So you've made it this far, Don't give up!! Each key here gives 500m. But the side items here are well worth it, Theres the legendary package, $ scrolls and a legendary item, The golden minigun. Golden minigun costs 700b-1t so its well worth grinding. Once you've gotten your rainbow bow or golden minigun you can effectively kill the various bosses here on FrimbScape! Check ::commands to see some of them along with other helpful commands. Hopefully this is direct and helpful enough Kind Regards, Herpex ❤️
  13. @Suic Don't have your PayPal setup as a buisness. Make sure people are always sending the money as "Friends and Family" Just so they cannot charge back. They think they can but nope 😛 they'll waste 2 hours or more on the phone with a PayPal representative. Also thanks again for listening to our suggestions ❤️ you guys are an amazing duo 😉
  14. Agreed with @Kanna. He's probably scammed and is evading rofl, Let alone the maturity level with this one.