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  1. I see you a lot in game always helping whenever needed. +1 from me and Good luck!
  2. Little bit late here, but gtz on promotion and welcome to the team :) ❤️
  3. @Kanna Okay 😛 I'll do my best to hold the fort down for the time being
  4. Well some of you may have noticed that I haven't nearly been logging in as much as usual and thats because I'm in the midst of moving back to my hometown. Sadly the time i was dreading has came and Ryan passed away ❤️ I plan to be back to my regular activity once I'm settled back in at home and have my job situated. And of course I'll still be fulfilling my duties of forum moderator, so far watching over the forums has been the only thing keeping me sane.
  5. Thanks for this chaos I'm sure this will help since not all of these are listed on the ::commands
  6. You could've put a bit more detail into this application as it seems quite rushed imo.
  7. 100% behind you on this one its sad there's going to need to be some drastic changes for us to hit the player base we once had.
  8. @Personality You deserve a round of applause imo, Phenomenal application and I see you around ingame quite a bit helping people when needed. +1
  9. @Kanna Forgot about me? 😮 I'm hurt.
  10. Herpex

    I'm back

    @Anon Welcome back to the community :)
  11. I honestly thought you were kidding about it until it happened ahaha
  12. @Jakey Glad to have you apart of our community :) That trade you made w/ me the other night tho lmao
  13. Not too bad be happy you at least got those $ scrolls 😉
  14. /Locked post ❤️ Love ya Kanna I won't let you down :)
  15. @Peacexhemp I'm sure we'll get construction one day, I know from personal experience that coding said skill isn't an easy job. But I can 100% agree with this :)