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  1. Suic


    nice idk whats that RSPS but nice to see u im from Estonia so MOI
  2. Suic

    Didnt get supreme mbox

    PM me ingame or frimb ( or discord )
  3. Server is back on - download new client
  4. Suic


    GG I grill
  5. omg minecraft, Demi what have u done
  6. Suic

    Can't Login?

    Means some1 already made a acc with ur name
  7. Sad to see u go i agree with " Some things that drive u away " if you meant some people by them, as some people really piss me off.
  8. Suic

    Updates August 9th

    Read "announcements" on discord, it was added back till 3rd
  9. @everyone NOTE: Webstore has been updated ( Added 3 new preorder range items 😞 You will get them Tomorrow when they'll be released ingame after purchasing them, after they're released, itll cost more in webstore ( 40-50% more ) -- https://frimbscape.com/store/ There is 2 Reasons why we added these ( Note ( one of the items will be obtainable ingame also within a few days by the new boss ) First reason is because people requested new range Boots, ammy, cape etc. and 2nd Is because of few scumbags chargebacked over $1.2k total in less than a couple of hours, and the paypal is like $300 negative, I would add money to it myself, but since deposits is not instant, and the money is in my bank i cannot. -MESSAGE FROM FRIMB- copied to forums from Discord.
  10. Suic

    Quick info

    Hi, just letting every1 know, i mostly ( 90% of time ) only post updates to discord. Soon we'll be posting them to the forums aswell!
  11. looks good, i can add them and edit "elite" boots to this | Send me the models on Discord please.