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  1. Ik got nothing to say about you, your probably the most active staff member alive ❤️
  2. Great dude helps alot and is active aswell !
  3. Wow guys much love to all of you ❤️
  4. Hopefuly you get to change your mind ! Going to work towards that, count on me !
  5. Wow thanks Lewis, i really appreciate it ! Trying my best to help the community 😄
  6. SUH GUYS ! I'm twinky, plan on staying here for a while hope to meet you soon ^^ !
  7. Ikr you should at least be Server Support if not global mod imo.
  8. Updated my application, feel free to leave your thoughts.
  9. No staff online in night time.. 😕 thats mostly when i play sad to see no night time staff members 😢 http://prntscr.com/l1z580
  10. Hey guys, feel free to check out the video i made, i know the quality and the edition is not quite what you would expect it to be, but please don't flame this is my first RSPS video. Thanks for dropping a like and feel free to subscribe for more Frimbscape videos !
  11. Yeah sorry about that, i did add it.
  12. IGN *[Twinky]* Timezone [UTC -5:00 / -4:00] Hours spent on Frimbscape Daily [8-10H] | [Currently Working From Home, Got Alot Of Spare Time] Current Total Playtime [40H] My Current Abilities [Java/HTML Scripting] Past Experience Towards Management And Enforcing Rules As Staff [I've owned several RSPS's in the past, I could bring out alot of names.. I Worked With Hydra On HydraScape, I Could Say That Was One Of My Biggest Projects Ending Somewhere] Why Should We Consider You Instead Of Another [I Have Alot Of Experience Regarding Java And HTML Scripting, I Know Exactly What A Community Needs Or Doesn't Need Regarding Rule Enforcements, I Know How To Handle Mostly Any Situation With Maturity And Mostly Stay Responsive To What The Community Really Wants. I'm Not Saying To Consider My Application Over Someone Else's Application, All I'm Saying Is That My Appliance To The Team Would Only Be Beneficial To FrimbScape. EDIT: I have been currently working on our Google Adword Campaign, It does involve spending alot of money and alot of time towards the advertisement of the server, but will surely get us somewhere near to the top. I don't think it's a must to be considered but i do think it shows how loyal and motivated i can be and somehow prooves that i really want the server's success.] Thank you for reading. Truly Yours, Twinky.