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  1. count me in ign ko4u420
  2. +1 fourm account only few hours old and u got 122 posts dang but u seem like a good fit for the job aswell nice app
  3. Taqo - love taqo really puts in a lot of work stays up longer than he should when needed Gold Kahos - not active enough for feedback Chaosworld - big bad chaos feard and loved does a lot of excelent work we need more like him Personality - to hot headed for his position have had a lot of problems with him when he does manage to come online Tad -great guy wish he could be more active but he needs to stay Fredo - is active but dont see him helping much latley Dunder - needs to step up his game and be more active on help cc Spoonman - is way to childish and proved it more then once by being racist in yell always running to higher ups needs to learn how to do his job Collector - very helpful knows a lot about server verry active deserves promotion Civil Rain - verry active friendly best helper so far Herpex - dont know him so cant give feedback
  4. no problems right now and im verry active and working on the connection is just a little slow on download because i on hotspot but we are getting internet installed as soon as possible just waiting on cable company to put the lines up in the spring and if i go on a fishing trip its never more than a couple days other than that im almost always on
  5. nice to see all the support tho 🙂
  6. I bumped it because frimb did not even know it was there he had told me to apply post was made in october and I did stop asking for support when i was asked not to
  7. ko4u420

    Keyroom Mini Game:

    well put together guide the last one was way too long awsome job chaos
  8. jus things i see no worries bout it an ik its work and its much appreciated dont think ive seen this much new content in a server ever let alone new stuff every few days
  9. ok starting my thread will add somthing whenever i think of it -suggestion for if you decide to do team ::ffa would be to randomly select teams and give them different capes if you can and maby limit the team size to 2 or 3 people so 1 person might have chance nit get 1 hit with 10 different attacks -instead of having a rule of not using cannon in event room and other places just make it not possible by eather removing multi combat from that area or moving it to a hillside somewhere u cannot set cannon up anywhere -ppl may not like me for this one but put a limit on max cash so that items seem more reachable ik if its done right its easy to do but it discurrages newer players from even trying to get the best weapons when the price is 100t -add a till tracker for key room on screen instead of clicking portal and maby make it so u only have to click the scests with key in your invintory
  10. In game name - ko4u420Time zone - gmt-5Hours spent playing daily/weekly - almost constant right now gotta sleep sometimes Total hours played - 380 hoursWhat do you do outside of FrimbScape? -not much right now working on getting a family buisness going and fishing occasionaly applying for server support to start we will see where it goes from thereExperience as staff on past servers/games? - yes I was a mod for 2 years on an old server back in 2010 only lost it because server got a cease and desist order it had over 2k daily playersWhy should you be considered? (How do you impact this community) - Im experienced on a big server im friendly help anyone who ask me and i get along with almost everyone and i always keep my head straight dont get mad keep the peace
  11. ko4u420

    scroll scammed

    ok i got a scroll or praise used it for 2 min and then lagged and it wasnt workin when i got back on