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  1. this is a very well written and informative application. I'm in an interesting situation as to where I was given admin out of trust, rather than going through an application. so take my response as a player to player. the amount of experience you've had as staff in servers definitely shows. as a vet with over 10 years worth of experience back from the days of Mopar (started when I was 15) I'm impressed. you have a very approachable character about you, which in my opinion is one of the most important things being a staff member. my only concern ( if its even that ), is that you don't need to yell every 5 - 10 minutes that your willing to help. once you've helped a few people, people WILL take note of that and ask you for future endeavours. so keep that in mind 😉 the only other thing I didn't fully agree on was the statement on if a staff member was being insulted. end of the day if someone's a staff member they have been hand picked by the staff themselves. they should be capable of dealing with a little verbal abuse themselves, its the internet afterall. I'd only personally intervene if it was racial, or if someone was attacking them in a serious personal area (E.G death, mental issues, family) etc. which doesn't really happen here. I don't usually read these, but this application definitely caught my attention. - UMD.
  2. considering i've played 3 of suics servers, i've seen a pattern. which I understand WHY its like this. but its a joke. to me, a semi custom is a runescape server mixed in with custom here and there. i've made this ' semi custom ' joke a lot back on vortex. but once again here we are. now back on track to where the titles concerned, I mean it. I see new players hitting an npc with 3k hp for a ONE THOUSAND CHANCE of getting an item. even if you kill it 1k times your not guaranteed. how on earth is this considered fun for a new player unless you've played either rsps for a long time, or you enjoy almost masochistic grinds. you don't ever see anyone suggest actual runescape items, unless its nex gear. considering the "grind" right now is a gmg, *store* then magic up a set of am elite pernix ( waste a week at vetion or scrolls at the store.) then aim for drop rate items.. *store* oh, and last but not least a fmg or a rainbow MG *store* whats the grind exactly? just $$$ scrolls? even with darth maul pieces and a gmg which ive now upgraded to a dmg recently thanks to personality; want to know my drops for the past 2 weeks? cash, a phoenix pet, an elite crossbow and a tenacious ring. in two weeks 4 items. I understand you have bills to pay but im calling BS when rng is concerned. you keep players by keeping them satisfied with actual drops. not with their wallets and THEN they're praying for a drop. - U M D