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  1. 1. Added brand new Dark PurpleFire Wyrm BOSS (Which is located at ::customwyrm) or the new custom teleports interface - Drops: New Custom Infernal Cape (With custom particles attached to it aswell), Dark Purplefire set(incl cape), Dark purplefire sled(Has nitro attached to it using particles), and some other secret drops! 2. Fixed rex teleport on the interface 3. Added Particles to a couple items, (Infernal kiteshield, Infernal Battlestaff, Primordial boots(Elite), Dark purplefire sled(for the lulz kinda), Infernal Custom particle cape, and a few others!) 4. Fixed the slayer points issue with streaks(I have disabled the 50 streak bonus for now however itll be added back soon as i know what the issue was. 5. Nerfed bork(Maxhit) - Also added the Vortex gear (Middle-tier ranged armour) to Bork droptable - Increased the droprates by a bit thought :P 6. Added a few new nice commands, for events/giveaways (ya'll see when there will be a giveaway or something) 7. Event boss should no longer be "always" 1 hit you, when some1 uses special attack on it 8. Fixed some issues with "Spirit cape"'s droprate. (The chances were inproperly coded by mistake) 9. Added "Random Droprate item" purchase option on the webstore - It is possible to get almost every single one droprate item in the game(All chances are equal) so the chance of getting a 100% item is same as 50% item - By almost i mean, Everything except Ringmaster boots and 100% gloves. 10. Hefty stackbags are now stackable
  2. Likely because they use some kinda texture on it that i have made animated(when making random fcapes with diff random textures for fun)
  3. 1. Revamped the Donation Store 2, removed useless boring regular partyhats, hweens - Added custom texturized Sleds, Partyhats, Santa hats 2. Added Slayer Tiers (1, 2, 3) - U can get tier 1 if u have 100 or more Bravek tasks completed, Tier 2 if u have 250 or more, and Tier 3 if u have 500 or more - Tier 1 receives 10% more slayer points each task, Tier 2 25% and Tier 3 35% 3. Added Rex Set (Helm, Body, Legs) - Gloves/Boots coming soon thought --- Dropped by Rex | Melee Gear, Stats are 30% better than defenders -- 4. Added Custom NPC Teleports interface, You can view it via your player panel (Blue quest tab) or the command ::teles 5. Fixed the money pouch "Too much" bug when u had 1T or more in your money pouch, it now displays the correct amount(Eg if u got 1T or 1.3T itll say 1T if u got 2T itll say 2T) 6. Added a couple more vetions as requested. 7. Removed all of the halloween achievements. 8. Added "Hulk Sled" to Hulks droptable 9. Fixed some naming on items (EG infernal santa/partyhat were switched up) 10. Staff members now receive 2x boss points like Deluxe donators NOTE: the new items also all animate in inventory/bank/trade etc (Except Rex gear, forgot that one D: ) NOTE 2: There is now 2 types of Infernal phats (made a new ID for the one in donator shop 2) they're exactly the same tho just diff inv model
  4. --> Golden minigun to frost minigun - 15% --> Limey bow to $10 scroll - 15% --> Shadow bow to Golden minigun - 30% --> Rainbow bow to Frost minigun - 7% --> Purple dimension bow to Rainbow bow - 15% --> Frost minigun to Dragon minigun - 4% --> Rainbow skateboard to $50 scroll - 5% --> Legendary mystery box to Golden minigun - 5% --> Legendary package to Donation box - 1% --> Extreme mystery box to Legendary package - 35% --> Rare mystery box to Legendary package - 25% --> Energy sword to Golden minigun - 20% --> Frimbs bow to Frost minigun - 15% --> Pet frimbhound to $10 scroll - 30% --> Frost wings to Donation box - 30% --> Special wings to frost minigun - 20% --> --> --> American pernix pieces to Elite American pernix pieces - 25% --> Frimbs minigun to Suics minigun - 50% --> Brightlava cape to Skyrocket cape - 25% --> $10 donation scroll to Infernal sled - 5% --> Primordial Boots (ELITE) to 25% drop rate ring - 40% Will be updated as items are added or changed Stolen by Civil Rain
  5. Hi bois i deleted my acc "Suic" by mistake * or well forgot pw n cba reset so i made new acc, dis acc is cool af ok