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  1. I will be hosting a pk tournament this evening. if you are interested please comment your In Game Name so that I may make a bracket. 1st place: DMG 2nd: frimbs MG 3rd: Frost MG
  2. Excellent member to the community. Very helpful to new players in need. I fully support this application. +2
  3. you already know boys in it to win it
  4. Hands down one of the most helpful players to the community. He enjoys playing Frimbscape and helping others. Very active on the server and discord. +1
  5. In game name - My in game username is Tad. Time zone - My current time zone is CST central standard time Hours spent playing daily/weekly - Daily I play 2-4 hours and weekly 14-25 hours Total hours played - 170 hours What do you do outside of FrimbScape? I am currently a staff sergeant the United State Army which takes up a lot of my time. I am big into fitness so when I’m not playing Frimbscape I’m usually in the gym. Experience as staff on past servers/games? - I have no experience being a staff member. I usually am active on the forums and helping others in game. Why should you be considered? (How do you impact this community) - I am very helpful to other players. I am current on the forums and try to post helpful material. I am fair when it comes to making decisions.
  6. Tad

    Drop Guide

    Regular Minigun: There are multiple ways this item can be obtained. 1. ::Event - collect Ecto tokens as a drop from killing the Ice Giants. Once you have 750 Ecto Token, visit the Santa shop at ::event to purchase a Minigun (MG). The second way this item can be obtained by (1). Defeating Jad ( after defeating him, you will get 250 Ecto tokens + other reward ) 2. Defeat Bandos Avatar ( after defeating him, you will get 250 Ecto tokens + other reward ) - 1 Restore potion and 27 Manta ray ( pray mage ) 3. Defeat General Graardor ( after defeating him, you will get 250 Ecto tokens + other reward ) - you can find him at gwd ( god wars dungeon you can find it at boss teleport, you need to get 20 bandos kills if you want to enter into a main room ) take 1 Restore potion, 1 hammer and 26 Manta ray. (refer to the Starter Guide under PVM Guides) "Harley Quinn" (3) ::frimbthenoob - this is a group boss. (4) ::sagittare - easy boss. (5) ::uzone - you need to be an ultra donator ($200.00). Golden Minigun: The GMG (Golden Minigun) can be obtained by four different methods. (1) ::bork - this is a group boss and can be tough. (2) ::keyroom - you will fight your way through 3 floors. Floor 1 you will need 50 kills in order to move to floor 2. Floor 2 you will need 250 kills to move to floor 3. Floor 3 is where you can start receiving GMG (if you are lucky). The third method is Ultra Donation Boxes. Finally the last method is you can donate on ::store to receive a GMG. Frost Minigun: The FMG (Frost Minigun) Can be obtained two separate ways. (1) ::Frimbboss - you need to be a deluxe donator ($1000.00) to unlock this boss. (2) Donation at ::store for scrolls, the FMG currently cost 800 Donor Points. Dragon Minigun: The DMG (Dragon Minigun) Can be obtained by Donating at ::store. It currently cost 1150 donor points in game. Animal Bow: Can be obtained by collecting 53000 boss points and trading them in at the boss point store. Rainbow Bow: Can be obtained a few separate ways. (1) The same method as the Regular Minigun [ follow the starter guide ]. (2) ::glod - this is a solo boss. (3) ::frimbboss - you need to be a deluxe donator ($1000.00) to unlock this boss. Shadow Bow: There are multiple ways to obtain this item. (1) ::event (2) ::frimbboss (3) ::frimbthenoob (4) The in game donation store number 3 for 425 donor points. American Pernix Pieces: These items are obtained at ::vetion American Pernix ELITE Pieces: These items are obtained at ::vetion and The in game donation store number 3 for 100 donor points EA. Sliske Pieces: These items are dropped by ::bork Paper Sack (50% Drop Rate): Can only be obtained via ::store. once 10 are sold, you will only be able to purchase off of players in game. Ring of Devotion (100% Drop Rate): can be obtained two separate ways (1) ::store or (2) in game donation shop for 500 donor points (3) slayer store for 8000 points. Collectors necklace: Can only be obtained from Ultra Donation Boxes. Bling Chain: Can be obtained from in game donation shop for 700 donor points. American Torva Pieces: Can be obtained from ::necrolord Sky Torva Pieces: Can be obtained from (1) Donation Boxes (2) Ultra Donation Boxes. Cryptic Pieces: Can be obtained from multiple bosses (1) ::sagittare (2) ::lexicus Regular Nex Pieces: Can be obtained from ::nex (2) Rare Boxes Money Scrolls: Can be achieved from (1) in game achievements (2) Mystery Boxes (3) Floor 3 (4) Holy water shops in Legendary donor zone ::lzone (5) ::uzone boss. Voting Scrolls: Make sure to ::vote when ever you can! Normal Partyhats: Can be obtained from Donation shop 2 for 15 points EA (2) Mystery boxes. Black Partyhat: Can be obtained from Donation shop 2 for 50 points EA (2) Rare Boxes. Special Partyhat: Can be obtained from (1) Holy water shop at ::lzone (2) ::lzone boss. Santa hat: Can be obtained from Mystery Boxes. Colored Santa hats: Can be obtained from Mystery Boxes. Bladed Shield: Can be obtained by (1) Donation store 3 for 300 Donor Points. Frost Spirit Shield: Can be obtained from Donation Boxes or Ultra Donation Boxes. Frost Wings: Can be obtained by Donation store 1 for 250 Donor Points. Special Wings: Can be received from Donation Boxes. Frimb Armor Pieces: Can be obtained from ::frimbthenoob or Donation Store 3 for various Donor points. Frimb Sword: Can be obtained from Donation Store 3 for 500 Donor points. Ancient Axes: Can be obtained from Donation Store 3 for 500 Donor points and ::frimbthenoob Egyption Sword (G): Can be obtained from ::uzone boss (2) ::lexicus Icy Crossbow: Can be obtained from ::lexicus colorful Pieces: Can be obtained from (1) Ultra Donation Boxes (2) Donation Boxes (3) Donation Store 1 for various donor points. Illuminate Pieces: Can be obtained from (1) Ultra Donation Boxes (2) Donation Boxes (3) Donation Store 3 for 200 donor points EA. CREATED BY TAD//PVMSLAYER
  7. American Torva Pieces: 30-35B EA American Pernix Pieces: 40B-50B EA American Pernix ELITE Pieces: 80B-100B EA Abyssal Helm: UNKNOWN Abyssal Platebody: UNKNOWN Abyssal Platelegs: UNKNOWN Crimson Pernix Cowl: 2T Crimson Pernix Body: 5T Crimson Pernix Chaps: 5T Colourful Pieces: 75B EA Cryptic Pieces: 100B EA Darth Maul Pieces: 100T Illuminate Pieces: 200B EA Frimb Armor Pieces: 1T Primordial Boots (ELITE) -200B Metallic Armor: UNKNOWN One Armor: UNKNOWN Ornamental Pieces: 100B EA Regular Nex Pieces: 1B Sliske Pieces: 1.5T Ea Sky Torva Pieces: 5t Techtonic Pieces - 1T EA Vortex Helm: UNKNOWN Vortex Platebody: UNKNOWN Vortex Platelegs: UNKNOWN Collectors necklace: 30T Bling Chain: 150B Regular Minigun: 1-2B Golden Minigun: 400B Frost Minigun: 5T Frimbs Minigun: 10T Suic Minigun: 20T-40T Dragon Minigun: 100T-110T Rainbow Minigun 1,5Q - 2Q Shadow Bow: 30B Purple Dimension Bow: 20-25B Rainbow Bow: 80B Frimbs Bow: 150B Limey Bow: 800B-1T SeaDevil Bow: 1,2-1,5T Animal Bow: 80T - 100T Frimb Sword: 1T Ancient Axes: 300B Sick AF Maul (BLUE): 25B Sick AF Maul (GOLD) 25B Egyption Sword (G): 100B Icy Crossbow: 15-20B Jester Sword: 25B Elemental Whip: 200B Rainbow Ghostly Sword: 300-400B Doom Blade: 150B Energy Sword: 100B Royal Blade: UNKNOWN Frimblord Cape: (125% Drop Rate) 500T Paper Sack (50% Drop Rate): 50T Ring of Devotion (100% Drop Rate): 35T - 40T One Cape (50% Drop Rate): 200T Bloodblood Gloves (100% Drop Rate) (3 In Game) : UNKNOWN Ruby(B) Amulet (100% Drop Rate) 200-300T ringmaster boots(100% Droprate):UNKNOWN diamond (B) amulet(50% droprate):300T-350T Karamja Gloves(50% draoprate):300T-350T Emerald amulet(100% droprate (B) 30-35T Pet Abyzou Wrencher (20% droprate) 1.5-2T Frimb Spider (15% droprate) 500-600B FrimbHound Pet (10% droprate) 150-200B Bladed Shield: 200B Frost Spirit Shield: 500B Red Spirit Shield: 100-200B Cash Wings: 100-200B Frost Wings: 400-500B Cryptic Wings: 600-800B Special Wings: 2T SeaDevil Wings: 4T Money Scrolls: 40B PER $1 Voting Scrolls: 50B EA Penguin Tele Scroll: 500T-700T Darth Tele Scroll: 500T-700T Undead Lumberjack Scroll: 700T-900T Scroll of Praise: 1T Scroll of Cleansing:2T Supreme Boxes: 700B Ultra Boxes: 400-500B Donation Boxes: 200-300B Legendary Package: 75M Mystery Box: 50M Normal Partyhats: 2B EA Black Partyhat: 4B Special Partyhat: 5B Special Custom Parthat: UNKNOWN Santa hat: 2B Coloured Santa hats: 3B RainBow Skateboard: 200-300B XP Lamps: 1-5B ea Suic nr 1 Token: 1T-3T Crunchy Claw Token: 3T-5T CREATED BY TAD/////// MESSAGE STAFF MEMBER INGAME TO GET UPDATED FOR NEW ITEMS
  8. Think you are a strong candidate for staff! Hope you are chosen.
  9. Hello Frimbscape community, Today I am introducing the Clan Chat that will best serve gambling at the Clan Wars Casino. To join this CC simply join “tad” in game. Following the server rules the only trusted players to hold bets will be Middlman (MM). These players will hold the rank of general in the CC and can be confirmed legit in the discord channel. If you are scammed, it will be the same as server rules. CONTACT A STAFF MEMBER. You will not be able to purchase ranks in this CC. There will be multiple games that you can play and the rules for each will be as follows: 1. Flower Poker - in order from Greatest to least. A. 5 of a kind B. 4 of a kind C. Full house D. 3 of a kind E.2 pair F. 1 pair G. No pair 2. Hot or Cold A. Hot flowers- red, yellow, orange B. Cold flowers- blue, purple, assorted (purple,light purple, light blue) C. All other flowers ( black, white, and mixed(red,yellow, blue) ) are considered a replant. 3. 55x2 This game will be hosted by a rank in the CC. You will play the host. In the CC if you play this versus a non ranked member, there will be no payout from the clan. To earn a rank in this CC you must be active at the Clan Wars Casino. The only ranks that can be earned are the ones below General. (MM will be ranked general). Feel free to PM me in game (tad) or on discord (the joqur). -The Gambler
  10. Tad

    What's Up

    What is up everyone? My name is Taylor and im 23. Looking forward to playing with all of you. Im usually on when i can be. Feel free to HMU!