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  1. ye requirment is 400hours playtime work towards that and i can see you having a chance gl
  2. Dice Duel Tournament Post Your In-Game Name To Enter Into The Tournament Will Be Hosted At ::GAMBLE 1st Place Reward Is = 2nd Place Reward Is = 3rd Place Reward Is = Prizes Are Currently Being Decided By The Staff Team And Manager The Event Will Be Held On 09/03/2019 7pm GMT (1PM Server Time) !RULE OF DICE DUELING! Both Players Roll Using Dice Bag Provided By The Event Host There Are 3 Rounds Per Game To Win a Round You Need Roll A Higher Score Then Your Opponent Who Ever Wins The Game Will Move Up The Next Bracket Example Below of The Event Table [Player 1] [Player 2] [Quater Finalist] [Player 3] [Player 4] [Quater Finalist] [Finalist] [1st Place] [Player 5] [Quater Finalist] [Finalist] [Player 6] [Player 7] [Quater Finalist] [Player 8]
  3. 1.suic always trying his best to do as much updates as possible always listening to players suggestions without suic there would be no frimbscape 2.frimb makes youtube vids for the channel which helps grow the server maybe could be little bit more active 3 taqo a really cool person and down to earth if he dont like something or someone u will sure no about it 3 gold chaos never met him 4 chaosworld cant fault him in anyway always active he does more than enough for this server hes a helper/mod/admin/forums mod all in one 6 personality i see him from time to time but not often would be a better staff member if listened to people instead of thinking he knows everything 7 tad i dont see him much but when i do see him hes always doing his job as a mod 8 fredo always online but afk alot i see him as a helper not a mod if any 9 dunder very nice person could be more active on his staff account as i see you on iron man and not ur staff account alot 10 spoonman dont see him very often not gonna say anything about him 11 collector very good support member always online and helping others with there problems 12 civil is ur newest staff member i think hes managing the job very well not much else to say as of now 13 herpex dont no him so cant judge
  4. 100% deserves for staff for advertising frimbscape on pornhub
  5. im trying my best frimby thanks for the feedback
  6. In game name - PrepotenceTime zone - (gmt)Hours spent playing daily/weekly - from 8-15hrs a day Total hours played - 57 hours when i applied What do you do outside of FrimbScape? - i mainly play games with my spare time but i go to gym once a day most days when im not on frimbscape im on runescape if not both Experience as staff on past servers/games? - not a whole lot i was staff for like 1 week before a server got shut down Why should you be considered? (How do you impact this community) - if i can help any questions i will happily answer them im on alot i no i only have 57hours played but i joined 4 days ago and im enjoying this server and i want it to go far and if u ever want a gambling manager of some sort im sure i could help get some gambling events going on ect be very good for the community and i think my timezone may be a big part of me applying not much staff on in the uk timezone could totally understand if u denie my application but i will sre try again in the future 🙂