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  1. In-game Username: chopper Country & Timezone: ets Hours spent playing daily/weekly: I spend about 100 a week playing Time played / Date Registered: 554 What do you do outside of FrimbScape? out side of frimbsape I spend a lot of time with my son , hanging out with family members and just playing sports Experience as staff on past servers/game I have been staff on for a couple of runescape private servers What made you interested in applying for staff rank? I applied for this rank because I feel that I benefit the server and so many ways, I also love the servers community and the staff team as well. I feel that I can be a good addition to the server and the staff team Why should you be considered? (How will you impact this community) I honestly feel like I'm a great or this spot. I'm always ready to help out and always willing to go out my way for other. I feel like I don't do the minimum but I go above and out of this world for the server and the community that comes with it . How Familiar are you with frimbscape content? (ex: Prices of items, teleportation locations and commands?) I feel that I'm very familiar with frimbscape content, also I'm very active player of the community so I also knows prices and teleportation, location and community as well. Do you feel you have impacted the Frimbscape community in a positive way? If so, please explain how. I honestly believe I have impacted the community of frimbcape by always being a active player and always wanting to learn more about the server. I even take time out of my day to just stop what I'm doing to just help someone in the community. I'm also happy and I'm willing to do my job with a smile even throw the bad time of the server What do you believe are the main responsibilities of this position? the main responsibilities of being server support is just to be that helping hand to the server, always willing to help out and to make other players and staff team jobs easy. honestly just making everything easier than more so hard What would you do if someone was using offensive language? I would give them a warning if this is their first time , buy if it seem to be happing more than once ill give the a mute for a little bit. I feel that we should our up to what we did and try to move from it and corrupt it. What would you do if someone was insulting a staff member? I would step in but I would think if someone is insulting a staff they can handle it their self without anyone jumping in What would you do if you found or were informed about duped items? I would try and report it as soon as I can Anything else you would like us to know? kitty litter
  2. the tournament will be begin at approximately 11:00 server time the tournament will take place at the ::edge location. YOU MUST SIGN UP ON FORUMS TO BE IN THE TOURNAMENT TO BE ENTERED( SIGN UP ON THIS POST) FAILURE TO ABIDE BY THE FOLLOWING RULES WILL RESULT IN A AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION FROM THE TOURNAMENT. rules- no custom's no bs no over powered items no soulsplit Gear Setup- inventory set up- 1st place- frost mini gun 2nd place- 5$ scroll 3rd- frimbhound pet GOOD LUCK EVERYONE
  3. NEW VIDEO OUT RN PLUS GIVEAWAY AT THE END. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpC7i2n25T4&lc=z232wr551tftfbmcwacdp43443higcyiapwyzftnqt5w03c010c
  4. GZZ TO ALL OF THE GIVEAWAY WINNERS . IF YOU DIDNT WIN THE GIVEAWAY AWAY DONT WORRY THEIR WILL BE MORE TO WIN WINNERS- CIVIL RAIN FULL DEFENDER SET WITH CAPE( civil rain) gzz https://gyazo.com/649981651aa58304dcf264976bfe5e73 PAID OUT https://gyazo.com/96d0493763c1ce913a9c8e32f7467aa9 WINNER- PRADA FULL AMERICAN SET WITH THE FROST MINI GUN( PRADA) GZZ https://gyazo.com/a9ec7d061361d610b345643ff984f759 PAID OUT https://gyazo.com/c9804a96d97981811adbb538d5937451 WINNER- FOCUX2 INFERNO KITESHEILD ( FOCUX2) https://gyazo.com/02c8c5850e76d77ac56ef98460cc68c2 PAID OUT https://gyazo.com/ee7e155406a0487abd1e86c40f7b46ce
  6. omg I love this guy so great :) hope u get it to be staff