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  1. Application has been updated, Love the new layout man and shows that you are willing to put work in if needed! I vouch for you Chopper and hope you can prove that you are fit for the position.
  2. Where do i start, Suic: Suic works really hard and trys his best to bring us the content he can from the ideas he gets, One big issue i have is that i think we should slow down with the new content updates and focus on making our old content fresh and cute again. If i ever have a problem with the server that i can't figure out, Suic is always there willing to help me out with what ever. Not much to be said about him.... Lets be honest here.... We all know hes nr1. Frimb: Oh boy..... Frimb is a awesome guy, always enjoy hanging out with him in voice chat and i think he deals with player issues very well. But i also think Frimb spends a little too much time off of the server worrying about other games when he should be looking into his own server to help drive the staff team to do better and help bring some stress off of his higher up staff members that are dealing with problems he should be. Frimb is a very friendly and cheerful guy and always bring that energy to the server when he is on. The largest issue i have with Frimb is that he acts more like a player and less like an Owner, He needs to realize that he is running a small business and needs to keep his staff team in line and in order so that we can bring the best community to Frimbscape in the future. Frimb tends to leave a lot of responsibility to his admins to run his staff team, even if he doesnt mean to, but will not allow his admins to do anything about his staff team not doing their job. If he continues to do what he is currently doing I think Suic and Frimb should look into giving someone else the perms to help handle and manage the staff. But i still love you Frimb, so don't be mad at me. Taqo: Taqo is an amazing person, He is always willing to go out of his way to wake up from a dead sleep and jump online to help me take care of a kid using a vpn and ::yelling banter all over the server. Taqo is a very respectable and responsible member of our staff team and i couldn't imagine it without him. Taqo is the type of person you could message if you are having problems outside the server, he is always open to talk and has an attitude that makes you feel calm and comfortable. Great member of staff! Chaosworld: Nothing needs to be said but, Does way more then what he is given credit for. GoldKahos: Who? Never met him or even see him log into the server, Havnt heard about him very much and wish he would atleast login once. Personality: Oh man..... Personailty is not fit for his job. Personality has taken it apon himself to do things that are unrealistic for his position as staff. Rarely comes in game, when he is on all he does is have banter with most players and abuse his permissions as a staff member. He has proven multiple times that he can not handle the responsibility that he has been trusted with and i feel that there are other people that are being held back from the global moderator position that could do the job much better. Personality has showed to all of us that he does not care about what other people say and will keep doing what he wants until he is told that if he doesn't stop he will lose his rank. He has a lot of growing up to do and i feel he needs some time off or needs to step down to allow someone else to take the job that will respect it and take on the job seriously. Never has a positive comment to say about a single person and is always given negative feedback on staff applications. Tad: Tad is an outstanding mod, Always does his job for the time he is on and will use any free time he has to jump on the server, Wish we could see more of Tad but he has a valid reason of not being as active. Keep up the work man! We love you at the server and love all the fun you bring! Fredo: It feels like Fredo has quit his job as mod. All he does is log into the server and go afk to play osrs. When he returns to the game he just complains about how he needs money on oldschool and about how he can't get a drop on the server and how his rng is "shit". Fredo was a good mod as first but got burnt out very quickly and should step down in order to allow someone else to take the position that will respect the job for what it is. Fredo is a very nice guy when he isnt complaining. Great person, not fit for the job. Dunder: Dunder is a very active staff member and is on most of the time. I do feel that Dunder spends a little too much time focusing on his Ironman and seems to have given up on his job. Dunder is always willing to help but only if players come to him first, encourages players to vote and buy scrolls form them to keep them voting but does not mention anything about being able to help in yell or in cc. Has good intentions just needs to show he cares more. Spoonman: Does not do his job one bit, Have never seen him help a player or even talk about helping a player. Talk very vulgarly in yell and in cc to other players and acts very unprofessionally when on the server. When spoonman is on all he does is afk his account and talk crap to every player that says something to him. Perm muted 2 accounts under the names of "reggin" and "im a reggin" for being "racist" then the net day calls a player a "reggin" over yell and claims he didnt know what it meant. Is not fit for his job and should be demoted until he can prove he can be mature enough for the position. Collector: Amazing member of staff, I an honored to work with Collector and hope that it never changes. Collector has helped me to many thing in the last couple of day on forums and in game to help make the server a better place. Collector is always doing his job and does not let friendship get in the way of it. Collector should be promoted to moderator to replace Fredo because i can vouch for him that he will take the job seriously. Collector helps everyone and anyone in game even in he does not get along with the play. Thank you Collector for help me out so much the last couple of days doing the price guide, donor benefits, and other helpful stuff on the forums and also helping me take care of players in game, you really make my job easier! 😛 I hope noone take any of this to heart or hates me for what i said, This is just what i believe and how i feel about the current staff team. If you have any questions or concerns about what i put feel free to MSG me privately on discord, forums or in game.
  3. To start off i would like to explain how flower poker works for those who do not understand it. You and one opponent will plant 5 flowers each, depending on the flowers you planted you will have a number of paired colors. Having no color means that you have received a "Bust" or "No Pair".() If you A player has "1/One pair" and the other player has busted then the player with one pair will win that round.( ) If A player has a "2/Two pair", then they beats out a one pair and a bust.() If A player plants 3 flowers of the same color it is called an "3 oak", they beat out anything above.() Next is A "Full House". A Full House is when a player plants 3 of one kind of flower and 2 of another.() If A player plants "4 of a kind" Then they beat out anything above.() Finally if A player plants a "Flush" (five of one color) then they beat out every other plant.() When A player plants a Black or White flower then both people must stop right away and plant another 5 flowers due to it being a total replant. () If you and your opponent match plants then it will result in a replant of 5 flowers. Now that you know how Flower Poker gambling works you are able to join our server-wide tournament. This tournament will be hosted in game on Friday (February 22nd, 2019) at 12:00 server time. This event will be broken up into a bracket system where two players will go against each other in a best 2 out of 3 Flower Poker battle. The winner of this will move onto the next round. The top 3 placed members will be given rewards as follows: 1st Place: 25% Drop Rate Ring (5t) 2nd Place: Textured Scythe (3T) 3rd Place: Pet Frimbhound (750b) Make sure to comment your in-game name in order to enter the tournament! Sign-ups will be closed on Thursday (February 21st, 2019) at 19:00 (7 pm) server time. you will not be able to participate unless you have signed up on here! Best of luck to everyone!
  4. Great nerdy guide! 😝 Will come in handy for anyone looking to fully max their account. Thank you for the guide!
  5. Ign: Civil Rain, You bouta get clapped.
  6. I think he is just saying that he has not seen you in game much, Due to you not being very active lately.
  7. I feel that you may need some more in-game time before you try and commit to a staff position. Maybe try and be more active before applying for staff. I am Neutral as of now.
  8. Thank you for coming out, it takes a big man to admit being homosexual. You are a huge inspiration to all of us other players and i am glad to call you a friend. It is a yes from the LGTBQ+2 community
  9. Love this guy to death, Fully support this application. Always open for questions in pm and is not only active on server but is in discord a lot being social. I watch this guy go out of his way every time he sees a new player to help them get started the best way he can. Hope you get it man! +1 from me
  10. Seeing as there is no rule against a helper gambling, i would not be willing to give up gambling due to that being my main source of income although i refuse to clean players and will only gamble them if they have items that they are able to rebuild what they lost. I truly think it would be better for the server if there was a staff member at ::Gamble for a large portion of the day. I think that if there was a staff member willing to hang out at gamble, it would lower the chances of scamming due to a staff member always being there watching.
  11. The only reason he quit is because he almost got cleaned, had nothing to due with being staff...
  12. Hmm im pretty confused by this because i think i see fredo gamble more then most normal players....
  13. In game name - Civil RainTime zone - Mountain Standard Time - MT (GMT-7)Hours spent playing daily/weekly - Times may change depending on the day but no about 7-8 hours a day actively.Total hours played - 274 HoursWhat do you do outside of FrimbScape? - I enjoy working on cars and being social with fellow friends by hanging out at the shop or go out and have a good time on the town.Experience as staff on past servers/games? - I have been staff on a number of servers, i have also been Co-Owner of a server with 300+ players at the time and have owned my own server with 60+ players.Why should you be considered? (How do you impact this community) - I feel that i am very active in the community by helping new players get going as they join and always being a helping hand in the cc the best way i can, I am a pretty laid back guy and tend to get along with everyone as i do not think i have any problems with any players on the server at the moment. I am also a person that lives in reality, I will not beat around the bush and will put my foot down when it is needed. I am usually at home ready and waiting for people to ask for any kind of help. Weather my application is accepted or not will not effect how i help out players in the community. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my application. 😁