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  1. 1) FFA Teaming Usually no teaming is allowed but since people were teaming Staff members + Frimb just wanted to have some fun. We'll see if teaming in ::FFA will be a thing, but most likely not. Since it wouldn't be "FFA" 2) Cannon Coding Coding takes time. Currently, our developers focus on updating and adding new content versus coding things that people should just have the common sense NOT to do. Using a Cannon at ::event is just rude, and shouldn't even be thought of to do in the first place. 3) Max Cash Most likely will not happen. Our server is 2 months old, and the ECO right now is a lil out of wack but Staff is always brainstorming on what to add and how to balance out the ECO. Since we're a fairly new server, things like this are problems that are faced when there are only a few original people that have been grinding since the beginning and hold a lot of the ECO. Things like this will balance out once we introduce more cash flow and items into the ECO naturally as time goes on and more people continue playing. 4) Removing DR Items Again, Most likely not going to happen. Drop Rate items are donated for, so those with DR items reserve their right to have them. We even have ROD (100%) Ring of Devotion available in game through the Slayer Store for 8k slayer points. It's grindy as hell, but that's the point. Overall, Your suggestions and ideas are solid and understood, however they are problems that we are well aware of. I think something that our players overlook is how much work we're actually putting in to maintain and grow our server. Please bare with us while we are still growing and learning from our mistakes. It's great having you on the server, please let me know if you have anything else you'd like to add! Thank you! Tea
  2. Good guide Kanna You're still a scrub tho Tea
  3. I swear if i don't get SS rank on forums i'ma cry Tea
  4. Ryan


    Hello my name is Nr2 Cucklet Ultimate Trol Tea
  5. If I win first place, then I don't owe Coxy a DMG Tea
  6. Ryan

    Hey all!

    Welcome War! Hope you enjoy your stay, I'll see you in game. Tea
  7. Ryan

    Hey guys

    Welcome to Frimbscape. I hope you enjoy your stay, PM Me in game if you ever need anything! Tea
  8. Maybe wasn't first comments, but I'm first in your heart. Tea
  9. Ryan

    Hey All!

    Welcome to the Server. I hope you enjoy your stay, please PM me if you have any questions! IGN: TEA
  10. There's some good ideas here. Thank you for posting your feed back on the server 🙂
  11. In game name - Tea/Ryan  Time zone - PST Hours spent playing daily/weekly - Daily 2-3 Hours at least / Weekends anywhere from 5-10 hours. Depending on real life events Total hours played - 155 hours What do you do outside of FrimbScape? - Operations Associate, soon to be Assistant Manager at a Wholesale Company Experience as staff on past servers/games? - I've been an Admin and a Server Support way back in the day that I can't remember the private server names. Why should you be considered? (How do you impact this community) - I'd like to bring a positive vibe to the server. This server is the first server in a long time to have me hooked enough to play hours at a time, and my vision for this server and community is for it to last as long as possible. Thanks for reviewing my application Daddies.
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    Easy Gold MG

    RNG Gods blessed you.
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    Welcome to Frimbscape! Hope you enjoy your stay, PM if you need me! IGN: Tea, Ryan