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  1. I Eat Bread


    you give me anxiety now
  2. I vouch for you but we both know you need to stop being a bully, start being nice and i will look into this more 🙂
  3. I Eat Bread

    Drop Guide

    Dude thanks a lot for making this guide!
  4. I know you are working on a lot right now and you are greatly appreciated never forget that man. When you get some free time maybe try to think of some better rewards to throw in the trivia shop as most are earned from boxes that are common. Something in there should be unique most likely a cosmetic set but yeah just an idea 🙂
  5. In game name - I Eat Bread Time zone - EST Hours spent playing daily/weekly - 12-14 Daily 80 hours + weekly Total hours played - 107 Hours What do you do outside of FrimbScape? - Outside of Frimbscape I am currently unemployed due to my severe anxiety and my medication limits me to what i can/cannot do, so mostly i am at home working online when i can to bring in some income and I am generally always available when needed (any time zone). Experience as staff on past servers/games? - The experience that stands out the most in my opinion would be moderator on Spawnpk because I spent the most time and effort on there reaching 15 hours average per day and breaking a time record of making it from server support to moderator in under two weeks. I was also a global moderator on a server called Havoc.ps but the owners ran it into the ground because of greed and not interacting and listening to community input unlike the staff here who take all ideas into consideration and interact with the community daily. Why should you be considered? (How do you impact this community) - Overall I think am more then qualified for this position as i familiarize myself with the community and the server each day the best i can. I reach out daily in the help cc when i see people asking for anything whether it be a price check or advice on what to do next. The experience i have learned staffing on other servers has helped my people skills greatly and i know how to calmly handle situations no matter what flame may come to me. I am willing to go above and beyond to help Frimbscape grow and keep the player-base knowledgeable and feel at home.
  6. I Eat Bread

    Easy Gold MG

    Damn that's good rng
  7. Nice guide ::Benefits should definitely work in game i believe it takes you to somewhere else atm :S
  8. Overall this server has honestly impressed me a lot. Starting off is easy and the whole community seems welcoming and is always there for you when you need help in the cc, the staff team are very knowledgeable and are very interactive with the community. I posted a few suggestions under general discussion if you could take a look that would be great thanks 🙂
  9. I Eat Bread

    Hi Daddy

    Nice rng keep it up!
  10. A few quality of life improvements 1. Option to toggle the ability to left click npc's 2. Right clicking an npc and hitting examine will bring up the drop table for it 3. When killing multi-bosses such as Bork have the rare drops highlighted a different color then the basic drops 4. When in ::keyroom maybe have option to deposit a certain amount of money to not lose your progress (good money sink) 5. Have yell color changed for each donor or at least 1 common color that isn't black 6. Maybe add flasks into the consumable shop or make then donator only 7. Left click option to open mystery boxes faster 😜 8. Left clicking chest in ::keyroom once you have key/keys in inventory