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Normal and Ironman maxing guide

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Hello today I am going to share some tips for ironman to max you can kind of take this as a mini guide.
To start off its important to make sure you vote for bxp,!!!   watch out for the well of good will xp .
Thieving ::dzone or click the thieving skill
There you can find :
6 different stalls

Food stall : level 1 thieving requirement. Gives bananas and 15k. 
Crafting stall : level 30 thieving requirement. Gives gold rings and 15k
General stall : level 40 thieving requirement. Gives damaged hammer and 15k
Magic stall : level 60 thieving requirements. Gives staff and 15k
Scimitar stall : level 80 thieving requirement. Gives  scimitars and 15k
Gem stall : level 90 thieving requirement. Gives random armour addy and bars and 15k .

This NPC is next to the rune armour stand at dzone and buys all the items you get from thieving stalls.
Banana sells for 
1,538 gp
Gold ring sells for 3,012 gp
Damaged hammer sells for  6,049gp
Magic staff sells for 10,683 gp
scimitar sells for 12,931 gp
rune and addy armour sells for 3k to 20k gp
How to get there click the farming skill to teleport to falador farming patch
Trade Martin the master gardner
items you will need
1.) spade
4.)Watering cans 70-80 
farming levels
to get to level 9 farming rake all the patches and put in the compost bin
 Guam   level 9
Marrentill  level 14
Tarromin level  19
Harralander level 26
Ranarr level 32
Toadflax level 38
Irit  level 44
Avantoe level 50
Kwuarm level 56
Snapdragon level 62
Cadantine  level 67
Lantadyne level 73
Dwarf weed level 79
Torstol level 85
Please note half of the seeds will be skipped cause xp rates are higher on here especially with x2 xp on the weekends and with wogw 
Level 1.) Attack potions
Items required:
Eye or newt
Guam leaf
Level 9.) Defence potions
items required:
bear fur
Level 12.) Strength potions
items required
Limpwurt root
Level 13.) Anti-poison potion
items required
Unicorn horn dust
Level 15.) Serum 207 potion
items required
Level 22.) Restore potion
items required
Red spider eggs
Level 26.) Energy potion
items required
Choclate dust
Level 34.) Agility potion
items required
Toad's legs
Level 36.) Combat potion
items required
Goat horn dust
Level 38.) Prayer potion
items required
Snape grass
Level 40.) Summoning potion
items required
Cockatrice egg
Spirit weed
Level 42.) Crafting potion
items required
Frog spawn
Level 45.) super attack
items required 
eye of newt
Level 48.) super anti-poison
items required
Unicorn horn dust
Level 50.) Fishing potion
items required
Snape grass
Level 53.) hunter potion
items required
Kebbit teeth dust
Level 55.) super strength
items required
limpwurt root
Level 58.) Fletching potion
items required
wimpy feather
level 60.) Weapon poison
items required
Dragon scale dust 
level 63.) Super restore
items required
Red spider's eggs
level 66.) Super defence
items required
white berries
level 68.) Anti-poison+
items required
yew roots
level 69.) anti-fire 
items required
Dragon scale dust
Level 72.) ranging potion
items required
Wine of zamorak
Dwarf weed
Level 76.) Magic potion
items required
Potato cactus
Level 78.) Zamorak brew
items required
Level 81.) Saradomin brew
items required
crushed birds nest
level 84.) Restore special
items required
Super energy(3)
level 85.) Super anti-fire
Phoenix feather
level 88.) Extreme attack potion
items required
Super attack(3)
level 89.) Extreme strength 
items required
Super strength(3)
Dwarf weed
level 90.) Extreme defence
items required
super defence(3)
level 91.) Extreme magic
items required
magic potion(3)
Ground mud runes
Level 92.) extreme ranging
items required
Ranging potion(3)
5 grenwall spikes
level 94.) Prayer renewal
items required
Morchella mushrrom
Level 96.) overload
items required
Extreme attack(3)
Extreme strength(3)
extreme defence(3)
extreme magic(3)
extreme ranging(3)
(note half of these potions will be skipped due to increased xp rates)
How to get there click the crafting teleport
level 1-20 bow string
level 20.) Sapphire
Level 27.) Emerald 
level 34.) Ruby
level 43.) Diamond (achievement cut 1,000 diamonds)
level 53-99.) Dragonstone
(note there is a achievement you can knock out as well craft 20 black d'hide bodies)
level 1-5.) shrimp
level 5-20.) sardine & herring 
level 20-40.) trout & salmon
level 40-62.) Lobster
level 62-76.) Monkfish
level 76-90. Sharks
level 90-99.) Rocktail(achievement catch 2,000 rocktail)
Level 1-5.)Shrimp
Level 5-20.) sardine & herring
level 20-40.) trout & salmon
level 40-62.) Lobster
level 62-76.) Monkfish
level 76-90.)Sharks
level 90-99.)rocktail (achievement cook 1,000 rocktail)
Level 1-15.) copper & tin
level 15-30.) Iron ore
level 30-40.) coal ore
level 40-55.) gold ore
level 55-70.) mithril ore
level 70-85.) Adamant ore
level 85-99.) runite ore(achievement mine 2,000 ore)
level 1-30.) bronze items
level 30-40.) Iron items
level 40-55.) gold bars
level 55-70.) mithril items
level 70-85.) adamant items
level 85-99.) runite items(acivement smith 1,000 rune bars)
level 1-5 or 1-10.) arrow shafts
level 10-20.) Normal longbows
level 20-25.) oak short bows
level 25-35.) oak long bows
level 35-40.) willow shortbow
level 40-50.) willow longbow
level 50-55.) maple shortbow
level 55-65.) maple longbow
level 65-70.) yew shortbow
level 70-80.) yew longbow
level 80-85.) magic shortbow
level 85-99.) magic longbow
(note there is achievements you can do at the same time fletch 5,000 rune arrows)
Note i lamped the last of the skills remaining 
any question feel free to pm me in game

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Amazing guide lad!

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Insane guide!

Really nice layout

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Good guide Kanna


You're still a scrub tho 



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