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Farming Guide

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Farming 1-99


Teleport to the farming training area by pressing on the farming skill icon, buy a cvzCGCt.png Rake, 74KQOsi.png Seed Dibber, ajECeOv.png Watering Can (8) and CPVEAaf.png Secateurs from Martin the Master Gardener. Fastest way to farm would be to use 3 patches at the same time - 1 Allotment, 1 Flower, 1 Herb. [you can store all xNwl72w.png Weeds into the Compost Pin, add water to every patch after planting]


Levels 1-5 Allotment

Plant 3uelBLk.png Potato Seed's.

Levels 5-7 Allotment

Plant dVbxB8j.png Onion Seed's.

Levels 7-12 Allotment

Plant eCZ6JLc.png Cabbage Seed's.

Levels 12-20 Allotment

Plant 4zxeZWC.png Tomato Seed's.

Levels 20-31 Allotment

Plant pkQckFb.png Sweetcorn Seed's.

Level 31 Allotment

Plant ScJyczW.png Strawberry Seed's.


Levels 2-11 Flower

Plant FEupqes.png Marigold Seed's.

Levels 11-24 Flower

Plant DAxiq1N.png Rosemary Seed's.

Levels 24-25 Flower

Plant 0l8TL2m.png Woad Seed's.

Levels 25-52 Flower

Plant aZuBsFr.png Limpwurt Seed's.

Level 52 Flower

Plant mVKxHsS.png White lily Seed's.


Levels 9-14 Herb

Plant 67poyQA.png Guam Seed's.

Levels 14-19 Herb

Plant 67poyQA.png Marrentill Seed's.

Levels 19-26 Herb

Plant 67poyQA.png Tarromin Seed's.

Levels 26-32 Herb

Plant 67poyQA.png Harralander Seed's.

Levels 32-38 Herb

Plant 67poyQA.png Rannar Seed's.

Levels 38-44 Herb

Plant 67poyQA.png Toadflax Seed's.

Levels 44-50 Herb

Plant 67poyQA.png Irit Seed's.

Levels 50-56 Herb

Plant 67poyQA.png Avantoe Seed's.

Levels 56-62 Herb

Plant 67poyQA.png Kwuarm Seed's.

Levels 62-67 Herb

Plant 67poyQA.png Snapdragon Seed's.

Levels 67-73 Herb

Plant 67poyQA.png Cadantine Seed's.

Levels 73-79 Herb

Plant 67poyQA.png Lantadyme Seed's.

Levels 79-85 Herb

Plant 67poyQA.png Dwarf Weed Seed's.

Levels 85-99 Herb

Plant 67poyQA.png Torsol Seed's.

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