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Woodcutting Guide

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Woodcutting 1-99


(you can boost exp gain with  Ti0SH45.png Lumberjack Hat, z1l3Caj.png Lumberjack Top, XXFcLEZ.png Lumberjack Legs, tgprJpP.png Lumberjack Boots from Cap'n Izzy No-Beard from agility for x80 JnzOpJq.png Agility Ticket's )

[If you want to do firemaking as you collect logs from woodcutting its highly reccomended that you get an 2Y1yJv0.png Inferno Adze from Cap'n Izzy No-Beard from agility for x100 JnzOpJq.png Agility Ticket's or from Expert Miner  in varrock near the fountain for x100 hSRPXh3.png Stardust from Fallen Star, to get to Varrock you need to buy a Varrock teleport tablet from Explorer Jack at Home)

Teleport to the wooductting training area by pressing on the woodcutting skill icon and choose Low-Level Wooductting, buy an pKohwQM.png Iron Axe from Wilfred.

Levels 1-15

Cut Tree's.


Levels 15-30

Cut Oak Tree's.


Levels 30-45

Cut Willow Tree's.


Levels 45-60

Cut Maple Tree's.


Levels 60-75

Cut Yew Tree's.


Levels 75-99

Cut Magic Tree's.


Levels 80-99 [Optional, faster way]

Cut Evil Tree (no firemaking exp)


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