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Crafting Guide

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Crafting 1-99


Teleport to crafting training by clicking on the crafting skill icon. (you can buy VWmcBcl.pngFlax and Gem's from the Master Crafter located there).

Levels 1-8

Spin VWmcBcl.png Flax into MVS33ll.png Bow String's on a Spinning Wheel.

Levels 8-13

Buy a 6TdJYdx.png Chisel and Cut mNduXng.png Opal.

Levels 13-16

Cut OWy51qf.png Jade.

Levels 16-20

Cut JZKPzzG.png Red Topaz.

Levels 20-27

Cut ohpI53U.png Sapphire.

Levels 27-34

Cut 1gEChvk.png Emerald.

Levels 34-43

Cut ednVrf9.png Ruby.

Levels 43-55

Cut LPve7L5.png Diamond.

Levels 55-99

Cut ziqtDxK.png Dragonstone.

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