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Hunter Guide

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Hunter 1-99


Teleport to the Puro Puro hunter training area by clicking on the hunter skill icon, talk to the Hunting Expert to buy a 1qXcte0.png Butterfly Net and iYbFFpb.png Impling Jar's from him.

Levels 1-17

Catch 4NPt9cN.png Baby Impling's.

Levels 17-34

Catch PmDv5JZ.png Young Impling's.

Levels 34-40

Catch nVjlLbL.png Gourmet and MOg5WZd.png Earth Impling's.

Levels 40-50

Catch uk2jbat.png Essence Impling's.

Levels 50-58

Catch xeDEjMN.png Electric Impling's.

Levels 58-65

Catch QK8uyi0.png Nature Impling's.

Levels 65-74

Catch z5F0RqL.png Magpie Impling's.

Levels 74-83

Catch oSMRiod.png Ninja Impling's.

Levels 83-99

Catch inNtVVu.png Dragon Impling's.

Levels 91-99

Catch f1HWZ8j.png Kingly Impling's at ::dzone

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