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Mining Guide

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Mining 1-99


Teleport to the mining training area by pressing on the mining skill icon and choose mining guild. Get a ag7zBtW.png Iron Pickaxe from the Mining Instructor.

Levels 1-15

Mine RuO3bZS.png Tin Ore and Z8hJSJX.png Copper Ore.

Levels 15-30

Mine PvHGdNB.png Iron Ore.

Levels 30-40

Mine 7okePZm.png Coal.

Levels 40-50

Mine 2ifWZ3j.png Gold Ore.

Levels 50-70

Mine 1uDnnYP.png Mithril Ore.

Levels 70-85

Mine jOtDwr2.png Adamantite Ore.

Levels 85-99

Mine JMOStnE.png Runite Ore.

Levels 80-99 [Optional, faster way]

Mine hSRPXh3.png Stardust from Fallen Star.

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