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Smithing Guide

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Smithing 1-99


Teleport to the mining training area by pressing on the mining skill icon and choose mining guild,Get a ag7zBtW.png Iron Pickaxe (if you plan to mine the ore) and a hzFg3oH.png Hammer from the Mining Instructor.

You can get more 7okePZm.png Coal from Carla at home for skilling points.

Levels 1-5

Smelt OktJIHO.png Bronze Bar's.

Levels 5-20

Smith JaJzEMr.png Bronze Arrowtips's.

Levels 20-35

Smith d69XlVW.png Iron Arrowtips's.

Levels 35-55

Smith Ecz1x2Y.png Steel Arrowtips's.

Levels 55-75

Smith ydWKLSf.png Mithril Arrowtips's.

Levels 75-90

Smith nf82j2I.png Adamant Arrowtips's.

Levels 90-99

Smith a4REg4G.png Rune Arrowtips's.

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You can also afk-mine the Crashed Star for stardust, and trade them to the Expert Miner in Edgeville (::edge) to get Coal as well, (3 Stardust each)

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