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Dungeoneering Guide

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Dungeoneering 1-99


(Lvl 95 prayer is highly suggested for Soul Split and Turmoil).

Teleport to dungeoneering by clicking on the dungeoneering skill icon. Bank all the items you got in bag and wearing, its highly suggested that you get your dungeoneering team full of members for a lot faster dungeon runs. When your ready to enter talk to Thok, The master of dungeoneering near the bank and choose "Start Dungeoneering". When you enter for the first time go talk to the Smuggler to buy an 0rHgzat.png Adamant Scimitar and a AokLqer.png Super Strength Potion. Get better gear as you get drops, if you want to keep the item after your dungeon you need to Bind it by right clicking it, you cant unbind an item - you need to drop it and can bind a max of 3 items by level 99. The ideal end setup would be Primal Rapier, Primal Gloves and Primal boots (gloves and bloots for str bonus). When you play with multiple players the drops are visible to everyone and you can trade the items within the dungeon. You can get any tier item from any dungeon but bigger complexities give more chance.

Gear Tiers: Novite>Bathus>Marmaros>Kratonite>Fractite>Zephyrium>Argonite>Katagon>Gorgonite>Promethium>Primal

Complexity 1 - Pray Protect from melee on boss.

Complexity 2 - Pray Protect from melee on boss.

Complexity 3 - Pray Protect from magic on boss.

Complexity 4 - Pray Soul Split and Turmoil on boss.

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