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Dice Duel Tournament

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Dice Duel Tournament 

Post Your In-Game Name To Enter Into The Tournament

Will Be Hosted At ::GAMBLE 

 1st Place Reward Is =

2nd Place Reward Is =

3rd Place Reward Is =

Prizes Are Currently Being Decided By The Staff Team And Manager

The Event Will Be Held On 09/03/2019 7pm GMT 

(1PM Server Time)



Both Players Roll Using Dice Bag Provided By The Event Host 

There Are 3 Rounds Per Game 

To Win a Round You Need Roll A Higher Score Then Your Opponent 

Who Ever Wins The Game Will Move Up The Next Bracket

Example Below of The Event Table




[Player 1]

[Player 2]                 [Quater Finalist]


[Player 3]

[Player 4]                 [Quater Finalist]                     [Finalist]

                                                                                          [1st Place]

[Player 5]                 [Quater Finalist]                     [Finalist]

[Player 6]


[Player 7]                 [Quater Finalist]

[Player 8]              

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