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12-03-2019 Icons added

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- Ironman/Ultimate ironman icons now show above the players head's (You can now tell who is a ironman or not. As before u really couldn't because the Donator rank icon overwrites the ironman one
Also added Rank head icons for Developers (But thats about it, i don't want to flood the server with them) - I also added a command ::rankicons which opens a small interface where u can toggle the headicons on/off (I only made it so it toggles off the developer one) currently theres no way to disable the Ironman/Ultimate ironman ones but i dont see the need, they shouldn't really bother any1 and are very useful. 

Other small stuff:
Staff can also now pass thru the first gate without the first key
Fixed autodonate for like 3 items that wasn't working

Also added "Rainbow Infernal Cape" to Webstore. Its quite expensive, However it is also obtainable from combining all the other infernal capes ingame.

Bonus: 2X damage every 4th hit (25% chance of hitting 2x ur maxhit per every hit - if wearing this cape. - Also has some range/Str bonuses (Quite great) and 25% DR

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